About Banjara Gear

our journey started with action as does yours

At Banjara Gear we pride ourselves on workmanship and customer experience.

We offer premium quality leather goods embodied with artistry. A unique combination which conveys innovative aspirations, on the highest quality leather goods, all handcrafted.

Respect for art and a passion for traditional handcrafted products and processes, our journey perseveres to offer products that inspire you.

Our curiosity lies in capturing, designing and transforming the spirit of adventure into quality gear that facilitates your hobbies, trade and interests.

We take pride in the time-honored skill of handcrafted workmanship. With an inhouse design studio and workshop, we capture and harness creative expression by welcoming artists and craftsmen to transform and polish their work into premium quality products.

Design Studio

Our in-house design studio includes a workshop which encourages experimentation and collaboration among a diverse community of artists and craftsmen. Systematically extracting ‘movements’ results in ground-breaking fusion of concepts and material at the studio. Our workshop is open to those who want to learn the craft.