Weekender Bag



Introducing our new Weekender Bag, the ultimate travel companion for the modern adventurer. Crafted from luxurious, high-quality leather, this bag is not only a stylish statement but also a functional powerhouse. With its specially designed shoe compartment, you can keep your shoes separate from your clothes, ensuring convenience and cleanliness during your journey. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to hassle-free packing!


  1. Opening zipper: 21”
  2. Shoe compartment: Height 6.2” Width 8” Depth 14.5”
  3. Side pocket: Height 6” Width 6.1”
  4. Front double zipper long pocket: Height 6” Width 18”
  5. Front buckled long pocket: Height 9.5” Width 14”
  6. Inner zipper pocket: Width 9.5”
  7. First inner pocket without zipper: Width 5.2”
  8. Second inner pocket without zipper: Width 7.5”

Made with pure leather (cow/buffalo)

Available in assorted leather


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